Coinbase Has Acquired India’s AI Startup To Make Its Customer Service Better

Coinbase, the biggest exchange for cryptocurrency across the US is operating on improving the consumer support thereof through making its expansion in India after having obtained a fresh startup. Coinbase officially declared on Tuesday regarding the achievement of Agara (a support venue having artificial intelligence-enabled in it, working in the USA as well as India. The respective acquisition targets to enhance the consumer service abilities of Coinbase through making the provision of the instruments for the engineering crew of Coinbase to process natural language, and the latest machine learning. The contract also re-establishes the strategy of the firm to enlarge its technology hub across India.

The Agara’s attainment will demand an amount among $40M to $50M from Coinbase, as reported by TechCrunch (a tech-focused newspaper) on Monday, as it referred to several anonymous sources acquainted with the news. The two companies are reportedly expected to finalize their contract during the latter part of the current year. Having established in 2017, the focus of Agara is on the processing of natural language and machine learning to make advancements to its consumers’ experience. Allocating up to 40 people, it has been reported that Agara has managed to grasp the attention of a few big customers such as Salesforce (a firm for developing cloud-based software) as well as Shopify (a prominent e-commerce company).

As per the operations head at Indian Coinbase, Pankaj Gupta, the tech team of Agara will collaborate with Coinbase being involved in the acquisition. Being Agara’s co-founder, Gupta expected that this purchase will guarantee a win-win scenario for both Coinbase as well as Agara. He added that it sounds thrilling to observe the firms’ alliance. Abhimanyu, the CEO, and co-founder of Agara mentioned that the firm has been capable of integrating the tech stack thereof into the interaction with customers, through phone calls. He explained that the developers are working on making the process automatized to a great extent, if not completely, to assist the clients.

The latest struggle of Coinbase to make further development into its consumer experience appears as a result of the firm’s attempt to offer an adequate service mechanism for the customers. In October, the users of Coinbase reportedly criticized its provision of the latest support through the phone line, by mentioning it to be a joke. During August, the exchange got slammed for providing bad consumer service, as several complaints have been submitted by the customers regarding their lost assets and hacked accounts.