Bluelight Released New Crypto-Based Game

The $KALE public token from Bluelight Dot Inc. has been registered on crypto trading platforms with the ticker KALE. The company is happy to announce the news. The cryptocurrency community now has access to a brand-new era of blockchain-based economic strategy games. San Crypto is a free Silicon Valley startup that can be simulated using Bluelight Dot Inc. 

The game’s system encourages active participation by offering rewards. All consumers, who wish to promote and measure their companies more quickly, and “breadwinners,” who gain from contributing to the system, will find enjoyment in the gameplay. The end result is a game-playing and gaining balance that is enjoyable without necessitating any start-up money or in-game purchases. 

The gameplay

The game is set in the city of San Crypto, where many gamers work in various cubes, raise companies, and attempt to turn their ventures into income and gain real-life profits. To achieve the final objective of creating the most almighty commercial organization, gamers will communicate with each other, fight for assets, and utilize various PR and overall improvement schemes. 

To trade resources and items, facilitate tasks, and enhance your playable character, there are a number of in-game tools available. By taking part in PvP tournaments and fighting against other gamers and their rivals on leaderboards, players can finish projects, construct their own offices, and train their staff. 

The game has two currencies

Two types of in-game money: a publicly traded $KALE token and an inner currency named BUX that is utilized for simple actions and communication methods. The latter is initially a fungible token created in accordance with the standard blockchain documentation, but it is simply portable to the Binance system of smart contracts and deal-making.

To receive perks and bonuses as well as in-game payments that you can transfer in real-life money and acquire strong, uncommon NFTs, any client can use the $KALE token. 

For the development of top-notch applications and in-game products, the company offers special grants. Trades in $KALE begin at $0.001. To facilitate trading and enable seamless entry and exit for both current and new players, a liquidity and market making program will be put into place.

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