BitsCrunch Partners MasterCard to Reduce Cryptocurrency Entry Barriers

BitsCrunch, a startup that focuses on the non-fungible token blockchain, recently declared that it would soon be working with MasterCard, one of the most popular payment service providers. Intended to be nurtured under MasterCard’s Start Path program, a global startup business participation initiative to assist companies in scaling, MasterCard and bitsCrunch want to empower users with advanced partnership options.

MasterCard Start Path

MasterCard Start Path has a wide range of programs for businesses that want to work with startups later in their development. These programs include entry to MasterCard’s financial technology alternatives, global clientele, and associates.

Based on a MasterCard Start Path Program spokeswoman, using MasterCard, startups worldwide can build systems for internet banking, forecast economic designing for micro-enterprises, and smart lease payments, among other things. Through the relationship with bitsCrunch, businesses will have access to MasterCard’s worldwide network and will be able to discover new consumers via MasterCard consumers. The partnership will ensure reliable and protected transactions, boosting the brand’s reputation.

As cryptos become more widely accepted, various established payment options are rapidly moving into the realm of virtual assets. In this way, MasterCard hopes to make transactions easier for non-cryptocurrency customers by allowing them to buy virtual currencies with a variety of credit cards, fiats, and debit cards. MasterCard now provides its global customers a direct entry to the cryptocurrency environment, particularly the ever-expanding non-fungible token industry, thanks to its cooperation with bitsCrunch.

MasterCard’s worldwide customer base, relationships, and technology are all assets bitsCrunch may take advantage of as it seeks greater mainstream acceptance. The network is modernizing non-fungible tokens with its diverse set of goods and services, all of which are aimed to address issues such as unjust non-fungible token pricing, wash trading, falsification, and insufficient information.

BitsCrunch’s Development Progress

The bitsCrunch Non-Fungible Token Analytics Dashboard helps in detecting malicious attitudes and enhances the openness and trustworthiness of non-fungible tokens. As a result, the system is also focusing on 2 different commodities: Liquify, which seeks to help users figure out the excellent rate of every non-fungible token, and DAFDS, which effectively prevents people from forging NFTs. Furthermore, bitsCrunch’s solutions are compatible with several popular blockchain systems, like AVAX, DOT, MATIC, and ETH.

There were a lot of big investors and organizations in the tech world who gave bitsCrunch $3.6M earlier in April. These funds would spread the company’s offerings to other well-known blockchains. Heavy hitters including Capital, Bison Funds, Polygon Studios, Facebook, economic specialists from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Coinbase Ventures also joined in this investment round, which Animoca Brands headed.

There are a lot of great tools and a great team at bitsCrunch, says bitsCrunch CEO. bitsCrunch also has a lot of experience in this field. Through our collaboration with MasterCard Start Path, we can provide top options to rising cryptocurrency sector clients, revolutionizing business landscapes. BitsCrunch will soon be a part of MasterCard’s Start Path initiative, which is excellent news.

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