Australia’s Baseball Club Perth Heat To Utilize BTC Lightning Network To Pay Its Staff And Players

Perth Heat (a baseball club in Australia) has declared a collaboration with OpenNode (a payment processor for Bitcoin) to make as well as accept payments in BTC (Bitcoin). The collaboration permits Perth Heat to provide Bitcoin payments to the staff as well as the professional players thereof. As per the declaration, the certified club of baseball will receive and send payments in BTC via the Lightning Network. Additionally, the OpenNode’s collaboration will also enable the Perth Heat group to receive Bitcoin payments regarding merchandise, sponsorships, and similar revenue streams.

Taking the step to a further level, Perth Heat has moreover modified the name thereof as “the Bitcoin baseball team.” The respective club has furthermore included BTC-branded products on the official website thereof. Indicating long-term promise for the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, the statement disclosed that the club will hodl BTC on its balance sheet, as included in this exclusive move. The Perth Heat’s CEO Steven Nelkovski considers that the acceptance of the Bitcoin protocol’s core values will encourage others to welcome a monetary system demanding value construction to flourish, as per Patrick O’Sullivan (the chief bitcoin officer of the club).

Perth Heat has in advance developed the earliest place in Bitcoin to assist in securing the rights thereof for the digital property on the most secure network of monetary around the globe, along with consistently reinvesting existing capital into BTC. The club is admitting the reality that the Bitcoin blockchain is the source for the dependence of corporate treasuries and money’s future. The Land Down Under has increased its exertions this year to permit the adoption of regulated crypto. On 20th October, The Senate Committee of Australia appealed for a thorough overhaul of the licensing and legislation of cryptocurrency.

It has been reported that the Securities and Investments Commission of Australia has also released instructions for Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)-based ETP’s (products that are exchange-traded). It revealed that during 2021’s October, Ether and Bitcoin seemed to fulfill the entirety of the aforementioned five elements to specify adequate core assets for the ETPs. It further noted that the company expects a series of crypto-assets products which are non-financial and can meet these factors. has recently conducted a survey and found that citizens of Australia are considerably interested in crypto investments.