Apple Has Removed Trust Wallet From Its Application


Having no effect on its Android application, Trust Wallet has been having some issues running on the Apple Appstore, as the team tries to fix the issue.

Removed from the Appstore

Trust Wallet, a crypto-based wallet was removed from the Apple Appstore on the 21st of March. In response to the hassle, the team at Trust Wallet stated that they are working to solve the issue as soon as possible and continue with their services. The developers at Trust Wallet clearly stated that affected users should not be worried, as their assets would stay secured, because cryptocurrency is assigned to their respective blockchain, and the application is just an interface that allows trading of those assets.

The surprising thing to note is that none of this happened on the Android platform. Trust Wallet guided IOS users not to update or reinstall the application, however a lot of users deleted the application from their respected devices, in worry of how they would be able to get back into it and some users had either forgot or lost their recovery codes and are scared about not being able to access their precious crypto in the future.

What Next?

It is still unclear why Trust Wallet was removed from IOS, but many market watchers believe that this could have happened mainly due to some violations of the policies of the Apple Appstore, regarding third-party payment methods. As of now, both Trust Wallet and Binance have been stuck in a stalemate, because it seems that either they will have to act against Apple, or just simply accept Apple’s policies regarding third-party payments.

About Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet was initially introduced by Six Days LLC and was then scored by Binance Exchange, back in 2018. Trust Wallet has been a platform where users can send or receive cryptocurrency payments, acquire coins from various sets of associate operators, stockpile NFT tokens and have the ability access and link with several decentralized platforms, gaining ways to take advantage of a variety of unique feature sets.

History with Apple

A weird fact about the connection to the decentralized platforms is that it can only be done using an internet browser on the Android platform. Last year, Trust Wallet had to remove this special access on IOS platform, in order to accept the Appstore’s guidelines and continue providing services to its users on Apple devices. To gain access to NFT and Decentralized Finance websites, iPhone users would utilize the Wallet Connect feature.

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