A Motorcycle Expert Launches Blockchain-based Sports Analytics Platform

Scott Robinson, the Apex 146’s founder, discovered unique openings for the sports analytics venue thereof by incorporating blockchain technology. Talents acquired from operating on data science, technology, trading strategies as well as an individual appetite for motorcycle racing pushed him to initiate a platform for sports analytics. By having an addition of blockchain, new ways have been found by him to advance in the business of sports analytics.

Having begun, as a passion project, an internship program was made by Robinson to be offered to Santa Barbara (a professor working at the University of California). A framework was developed by him, with having assistance from the students, to investigate the performance of athletes in the motorcycle racing of Grand Prix.

Utilizing the skills he learned by functioning on commodity trading at Oliver Wyman and McKinsey as well as capital markets, Robinson manufactured analytics for sports performance to be implemented to motorcycle racing.

Robinson stated that they merged proprietary statistical techniques to carry out analogous results as were made by utilizing the Moneyball model in baseball. Shortly after, the team broadened its scope and collected capital via a Series A during 2020 and made advancements in the capabilities thereof for indexing the athlete performance. Currently, Robinson witnessed blockchain being used in sports betting, which provided him with unique opportunities to enter the market via the growing technology.

He mentioned that a couple of blockchain-based venues were available for sports betting that would allow them to get into the market and several others would be available in the future. Due to this, blockchain oracle was introduced by the team over Chainlink, letting DApps (decentralized applications) reach Apex 146 to obtain sports analytics data.

In this way, the developers would be enabled to make sports anticipations by utilizing analytics data as well as integrating figures that would originate dynamic contact across the decentralized applications.

In addition to this, he boarded the non-fungible token (NFT) train by providing sports collections to fulfill entertainment purposes. In the meantime, the potentials of blockchain as well as crypto industries have also been acknowledged on the behalf of the venture capitals.

A recent report, published by KPMG regarding fintech, discloses that more than $30B worth has been circulated across the industry in the form of investments during the previous year, signifying that a significant position has been achieved by blockchain throughout the worldwide financial ecosystem.

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