$1B Science Fund Seeks Blockchain Projects to Extend Human Lifespan

Longevity Science Foundation is a Swiss foundation that was instituted by a group of biotech founders, clinicians, and some leading longevity research institutions. The foundation aims to discover a technologically driven method of achieving a human lifespan of 120 years. By engaging leading clinicians, longevity researchers, and biotechnologists, the foundation aims to spend over a billion dollars over the next 10 years to prolong healthy human lifespan to 120 years. Donations in cryptocurrency will be accepted by the Foundation.

The announcement by the foundation states they will be investing in four areas which are considered critical to longevity research. This includes therapeutics, personalized medicine, artificial intelligence, and predictive diagnostics. The Foundation will provide funding to institutions and groups carrying out projects in these four areas and hence it hopes to fund projects that will bring about improvement in people’s lives.

From Lab To Clinic

An important focus of the foundation is translating theoretical ideas to real world application in longevity medicine which people can benefit from. Hence, the Foundation plans to identify and fund promising solutions that can prolong human life. This is important because funding has been a huge barrier to translating longevity medicine research into real world application.

Evelyne Yehudit Bischof is the chairman of the Longevity Science Foundation’s Board and is a renowned Longevity Physician. He thinks longevity medicine is very important, as everyone will age and hence finding a solution to aging is an endeavor that will benefit everyone. He thinks with the work the Foundation will engage in, they can bridge the gap between gerosciences and the application in the clinic. With the effort of the Foundation, Longevity Medicine can cement its position as an important and productive specialty of medicine.

Andrea B. Mailer, a member of the Visionary Board, is quite optimistic that in 5 years, healthy longevity wouldn’t remain a theoretical idea but rather implemented in everyone’s life. Andrea is also the co-director of the Centre for Healthy Longevity at National University of Singapore.

Age is the biggest risk factor for a lot of diseases causing death in developed countries and hence targeting aging is the next step in enhancing medicine in the 21st century. The foundation is creating a unique and central role in achieving healthy human longevity. The foundation is also coming at a good time to fund the growing aging research and perhaps fund new lines of inquiry.

Contributions In Cryptocurrency Accepted

Contributors to the foundation will be given voting rights, and they will help decide which of the projects on longevity will receive funding. This is after preselection by the Visionary board of the Foundation. Also, findings of longevity research will be shared to the public in order to increase public awareness of longevity treatments that will be available. 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is a major development and the Foundation will be looking to benefit from it by allowing donations in cryptocurrency and these contributors will also get voting rights. This is perhaps appropriate for a technologically driven field looking to solve the problem of aging and promote healthy human life to 120 years.