The Ethereum Community Has Disagreements on Reversible Transaction

One of the problems that scare many people from using cryptocurrency is the lack of regulation and centralization which is exactly what draws other people in. However, we have to think about potential features that could be implemented in various networks to ensure that they can support reversals of some harmful transactions like ones that … Read more

Stripe to Allow Its Users to Order Payouts in Cryptocurrencies

One of the biggest cases in favor of adoption is the ability to use crypto to pay for services and goods. While it is a long way before many local businesses and entrepreneurs are interested in using cryptocurrencies, the arrival of some bigger names to the party could speed up the process of adoption. One … Read more

Vitalik Buterin Is Already Talking About Ethereum 3.0

Layer 2 networks are still in their early stages of development and many products are being tested as of the time of writing. However, Buterin is already envisioning the future of the network and outlined some of his ideas regarding the functionality of layer 3 solutions that could significantly expand the network and provide more … Read more

Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S Will Be Available at BestBuy

One of the biggest forays into the mainstream is happening quietly while people are talking about Bitcoin dipping under the $19K support line. However, the community should focus on different things. For example, this story is about Ledger partnering with BestBuy to sell their devices in brick & mortar stores across the US. It is … Read more

The Impact of the Merge on the Environment Is Massively Positive

One of the biggest talking points of Bitcoin skeptics revolves around the negative impact of mining on the environment. It is hard to debate against this argument because the competition in the mining community increases despite mounting costs and surging electricity prices. Some people say that the Bitcoin mining community causes massive issues for local … Read more

Will Ethereum Merge Create A Better World For Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is the flagship token of the whole crypto industry with thousands of enthusiasts hyping it up and ignoring all criticisms. However, it is hard to look away from some glaring issues that were exposed during this crypto winter. While the asset is doing fine and some investors use it to hedge against fiat currencies … Read more