Amidst De-Pegging Issues, Tether Allays Fears Of A Possible USDT Crash

The largest stablecoin lost its USD peg last week, which resulted in many holders converting their USDT holdings to other stablecoins or fiat. The USDT de-pegging also created intense selling pressure in the wider crypto market. Tether Holdings Ease Fears Of Usdt Holders A part of the latest quarterly report by Tether holdings was dedicated … Read more

Waves USDN Stablecoin Slips From the Dollars Peg

93.68% of the Curve pool is made up of USDN, according to crypto writer Colin Wu’s article. Similar ratios were detected in UST’s Curve pools, indicating that the peg is below strain and that more deposits may be required to maintain equilibrium. The USDN price, which is expected to remain stable at around $1, dipped … Read more

Binance Suspends UST And LUNA Withdrawals Temporarily

While the crypto community is even now struggling to decipher the pegging-de-pegging fiasco of Terra concerning the stablecoin offering UST (TerraUSD) thereof, Binance (a prominent crypto exchange) terminated the withdrawals for UST and LUNA (Terra) on Tuesday. Recently, the market value of the stablecoin offering of Terra (UST) plummeted to lower than the anticipated price … Read more

DEUS Finance’s Stablecoin Sheds Nearly 30% Off Its Dollar Peg

The latest Coinmarketcap data shows that DEUS finance’s stablecoin, the DEI, has lost its dollar peg. After losing its dollar peg and dipping to a new low of $0.55 during the Monday morning session, the price of the algorithmic stablecoin has made some slight gains and currently trades at $0.66 following. While DEUS finance’s stablecoin … Read more

12 May Crypto Prices: Top Tokens Drop Up to 99% amid Extended Bloodbath

No digital token traded in the green amid Thursday’s early hours. Bitcoin dropped 10%, while Ethereum noted an 18% nosedive. Meanwhile, the altcoin marketplace bled severely. The crypto market suffered today as the global economy battled multiple factors. The stablecoins’ unstable algorithmic hurt sentiment in the crypto market, whereas U.S dollar-tied tokens see ‘de-pegs,’ dragging … Read more

StraitsX Has Launched SGD Stablecoin In Singapore

The company behind XSGD – one of the largest non-USD stablecoins pegged to the Singapore-dollar – StraitsX, announced the launch of a stablecoin denominated by the Indonesian Rupiah dubbed XIDR. Indonesia is one of the fast-growing crypto hotspots in the Asia region. A media outlet, Jakarta Post, reported that there are more cryptocurrency investors in … Read more

Dissenting Opinions As Regards The US Senate Hearing on Stablecoins Regulation

There are diverse opinions and views as regards the Tuesday meeting of the United States Senate ad-hoc Committee on Banking, where the legislature will look into the control and regulation of Stablecoins. The meeting will, among other things, consider the pros and cons attached to the issuance of stablecoins to users as well as the … Read more

Terra’s DeFi Dollar Witnesses Increased Traction; LUNA Surges to New ATH

Briefly – LUNA price recorded a 56% surge over the past week, touching a new ATH at $67.87. The algorithmic-supported stablecoin UST is one of a kind, powering Web3 adoption. Anyswap platform announced collaborating with Terra, running a cross-chain link between Fantom and TerraUSD. As Web3 acceptance gains stem, Terra-supported LUNA touched a new ATH. … Read more