Opensea Will Collaborate With Binance To Make User Experience Better

OpenSea, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens and crypto collectibles, made the announcement about the incorporation of its BNB system into the Seaport code on Twitter, on November 29, 2022. Early in September, OpenSea made the announcement that it might increase supporting services for more crypto-based systems in order to keep its title as the biggest … Read more

Can You Earn Passive Cryptocurrency Income In A Bear Market? – A Complete Guide

A bear market is a common practice in the cryptocurrency market and everyday traders are used to it. It has been experienced for a number of times in the past and it will also happen in the future in all financial markets. The value of the assets has been depreciated by almost 70% from their … Read more

Binance Improved Its NFT Trading System

The company’s NFT division announced the addition of brand-new functions to the Binance non-fundable tokens market in a notice that was posted on the website. This update takes aims to better clients’ browsing of the different NFT possessions on the marketplace.  An essential action for Binance and its users Users can now access the Binance … Read more

Reddit NFT Avatars Value Rises Exponentially

In the previous 24 hours, Reddit’s electronic NFTs transaction volume exceeded two point five million dollars. This accounts for more than a third of the $6.3 million in total transactions the collection has seen since its inception.  The daily sales volume of Reddit NFTs also changed, dropping from its previous high of 5,383 NFTs, according … Read more

New NFT Snacks Launched In Honor Of Upcoming FIFA World Cup

With a brand-new limited issue of NFT meals and a special electronic content for fans, well-known meal company Frito-lay has launched a campaign for the FIFA World Cup. Announcing the approaching launch of specially individualized NFTs to football fans the North America’s largest food company and well-known snack maker, has announced that it will be … Read more

Elon Musk Turned His Tweet Into An NFT Token

Elon Musk, the CEO of the massive e-car manufacturer Tesla, bought Twitter and then walked-in into the NFT industry with a fresh tweet. A collector’s item, according to OpenSea, is “The Bird Is Freed.” The first tweet sent by Twitter’s new CEO following the media company’s acquisition was made available as a collectible by non-playable … Read more

SEBA Bank Releases Functions Helping Regulate Ownership Of NFTs

SEBA Bank, a crypto-assets lender, has released its 1st NFT platform. It is a certified, independent, institution-level storage solution designed for blue chip NFTs. The NFT market continues to grow and evolve, with two point two million singular stakeholders investing in the NFTs and crypto in the present year. The numbers are believed to rise … Read more

Magic Create a New NFT-Royalty System

Magic Eden, a Solana NFT trading platform, is conducting Creators Hackathon with a budget of approximately $1 million to encourage the creation of NFT-enabled stocks and monetization methods.  Magic Eden backup engineers Magic Eden is a convenient platform for creators and collectors. Magic Eden fosters the improvement of fresh and innovative commerce kinds through creative … Read more

It Was Nice While It Lasted: Opensea Sees A 99% Drop In Daily Trading Volume

It seems that the NFT craze has completely died down. While many people believe that cryptocurrencies in general are wildly overvalued, the number of those who saw the rise of NFTs and were baffled by their proposed utility was even higher. Among crypto enthusiasts, the percentage of those who strongly believed in NFTs and their … Read more

Influential Personalities Plan To Support The Zelensky NFT Project

The Zelensky NFT project is a new digital art collection soon to be available to the public. According to the announcement, this project’s primary objective is to assist Ukrainians through local communities. Details About The Zelensky NFT Project Many famous and influential persons have made a promise that they will support this project. Most of … Read more

Instagram Is Likely Going To Integrate NFTs Soon

Instagram has a strategy to incorporate NFTs (non-fungible tokens) from prominent venues like Solana, Flow, Ethereum, and Polygon, according to the reports. The social media forum is expected to declare a pilot project by the coming Monday. As per the report, the focus of the venue will be on a specific team of NFT supporters … Read more

NFT Plazas Launches The First Metaverse Advert System

NFT Plazas has officially launched the first-ever advert system that will allow users to display their designed billboards in the virtual world. The innovative invention is the first of its kind and it is created to enable millions of business brands that are in various decentralized worlds to make their presence known via a prolific … Read more

Ethereum (ETH): A Genuine Opportunity? Skyrocketing Gas Fees Wary Investors

Ethereum (ETH) witnesses an unmatched surge in inactivity. The blockchain has remained active, from rising traction to institutional adoption. The surging demand saw gas fees in the ETH network spiking to $2.48 billion, higher than $1.7 billion a year ago. ETH’s bullish outlook throughout 2022 led to a lucrative surge in transactions and trading volumes, … Read more

Amazon May Begin Selling NFTs In Future, Says CEO Andy Jassy

CEO of Amazon Andy Jassy has stated about the company’s possible move into the world of NFTs in the coming times. Amazon and NFTs According to an Interview hosted by CNBC, CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy has recognized the massively growing popularity of NFTs and mentioned that the platform could eventually start its trade in … Read more

Floyd Mayweather Is All Set To Launch A New NFT Project

Floyd Mayweather (a retired boxer) will initiate a unique NFT (non-fungible token) project called Mayweverse, offering crypto enthusiasts a series of nearly 5,000 NFTs to be minted in return for 0.3 ETH (Ethereum) over each. After the declaration, nonetheless, several consumers started raising apprehensions, particularly because of the arguably controversial history of Mayweather in the … Read more

MasterCard Has Filed With USPTO Fifteen NFT And Metaverse Trademark Applications

Inspired with the developments surrounding VISA and American Express regarding the Metaverse, MasterCard has also decided to expand their sources of revenue. New Trademarks Globally popular payment service, MasterCard has recently registered around 15 Metaverse and NFT Trademarks in cooperation with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. The main motivation behind registering in these trademarks … Read more