There Is A New Record In The Virtual Land Purchase – Report

A financial publishing firm, Curzio research, revealed that it paid $5M for several plots of land in the TCG metaverse. While the TCG metaverse isn’t popular, this record sale has made it popular. The previous record for purchasing any plot of land in virtual real estate was sandbox’s purchase. Sandbox bought several land plots for … Read more

MasterCard Has Filed With USPTO Fifteen NFT And Metaverse Trademark Applications

Inspired with the developments surrounding VISA and American Express regarding the Metaverse, MasterCard has also decided to expand their sources of revenue. New Trademarks Globally popular payment service, MasterCard has recently registered around 15 Metaverse and NFT Trademarks in cooperation with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. The main motivation behind registering in these trademarks … Read more

Step App (FITFI) Gained 147% Today Following Double Listing

Step App (FITFI) traded near $0.3154 at this publication. The crypto touched the $0.3556 daily highs, following a 147.23% surge. Here is all you may need to know about FITFI The Step App (FITFI) has maintained an upside stance since yesterday. The uptrends emerged after the token garnered a listing on two leading platforms, By … Read more

Two US States Financial Watchdogs Sanction Online Casino Firm

Financial regulators from Texas and Alabama, USA, have issued a cease and desist order to a virtual casino firm after they alleged that it was selling unlicensed securities which represents a fraudulent act. Were They Selling Unlicensed Securities? The two security regulators claimed that Martin Schwarzberger and Finnruben Warnke (co-founders of Sand Vegas casino) had … Read more

New Study Reveals Developers Consider Metaverse the Next Famous Place To Purchase And Sell Crypto

A unique study points out that the developers consider metaverse to be a space that may garner additional fame to sell as well as purchase crypto shortly. The respective study, which is commissioned on the behalf of Agora (an API provider), conducted a survey of the thoughts of nearly 300 developers regarding the metaverse. Agora’s … Read more

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Outlook Improves amid Increased Trade Volume: Price Forecast

Shiba Inu isn’t new in the cryptocurrency space, with its whopping 46 million percentage growth. That made it the most sought-after digital currency. The meme token Shiba Inu joined the financial space in 2020 August, introduced by an unknown developer Ryoshi. One of its primary goals was to compete with Dogecoin. That had market players … Read more

Sandbox (SAND) Devalues around $2.9 Following Bearish Slide – Price Analysis

Sandbox price analysis reveals bearishness today. The massive resistance stands at $4.9. SAND’s dependable support sits at $2.7. Sandbox price analysis shows the token has followed a bearish path, highlighting brief further bearish opportunities. For now, SAND/USD hovers beneath the $3 level. Meanwhile, the flash crash of 27 February saw SAND dropping towards its current … Read more

Square Has Changed Its Name To Block

Square has declared to change the name thereof and to be called Block in the future. The name change is linked with the entertainment and finance-related services thereof such as CashApp, TBD, and Tidal, and it has additionally declared to take an initiative in the field of the metaverse. The company, just like Facebook (now … Read more

MyTona Becomes the First Russian Firm To Enter Into the Metaverse World

MyTona has secured its place to be the earliest firm across Russia to declare the plan thereof in the sector of Metaverse. The game developer (which is based on Yakutsk), while giving a press release, stated that the firm’s metaverse called Mytonaverse will be executed in this December’s mid. The release also mentioned that the … Read more

Price Analysis for DDL, SURE, DEP, and more Metaverse-based Cryptocurrencies

According to data from CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency demonstrating high gains in the past 30-days from the metaverse sector is DeFi Degen Land (DDL). In this particular period, DeFi Degen Land’s price has surged by 1,005.15%. As a result of the surge, DeFi Degen Land’s price has grown up to $0.00003746 per DDL. The trading volume … Read more