Buterin Proposes To Use Zk-snarks In Crypto

Vitalik Buterin, Chief executive officer and co-creator of Ethereum, suggests utilizing zk-snarks to improve the security and dependability of Merkle tree exchanges by storing user funds in a manner akin to Validium smart-contracts. CZ concurred with this idea and announced that it would be put into practice on Binance and made open source. For the … Read more

Kraken Supports Both Solana And USDT

Bill King, Growth Marketing Lead, tweeted that clients are now able to store and pull away USDT on the Tron platform and Solana network in addition to the Ethereum network. These 2 frameworks have live support. By selecting the desired network and currency in the menu container, users can quickly deposit money into their accounts. … Read more

The Ethereum Community Has Disagreements on Reversible Transaction

One of the problems that scare many people from using cryptocurrency is the lack of regulation and centralization which is exactly what draws other people in. However, we have to think about potential features that could be implemented in various networks to ensure that they can support reversals of some harmful transactions like ones that … Read more

Vitalik Buterin Is Already Talking About Ethereum 3.0

Layer 2 networks are still in their early stages of development and many products are being tested as of the time of writing. However, Buterin is already envisioning the future of the network and outlined some of his ideas regarding the functionality of layer 3 solutions that could significantly expand the network and provide more … Read more

Will the Validator Size Change from 32ETH to a Lower Amount?

The Ethereum merge left some questions unanswered, but many members of the crypto community are concerned with the current system and believe that it leads to more centralization which many crypto enthusiasts passionately dislike. Some think that having the threshold of being a validator at 32ETH is way too much considering how much ETH costs. … Read more

The Ethereum Merge Implemented Deflationary Measures. Do They Work?

While the main goal of the Ethereum merge was to remove the mining functionality and switch to a more environmentally friendly proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, it also brings a new feature to the network — ETH burning. Essentially, whenever a new block is added to the blockchain, the network burns some of the supply by sending … Read more

The Impact of the Merge on the Environment Is Massively Positive

One of the biggest talking points of Bitcoin skeptics revolves around the negative impact of mining on the environment. It is hard to debate against this argument because the competition in the mining community increases despite mounting costs and surging electricity prices. Some people say that the Bitcoin mining community causes massive issues for local … Read more

Will Ethereum Merge Create A Better World For Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is the flagship token of the whole crypto industry with thousands of enthusiasts hyping it up and ignoring all criticisms. However, it is hard to look away from some glaring issues that were exposed during this crypto winter. While the asset is doing fine and some investors use it to hedge against fiat currencies … Read more

The Fear That Ethereum Will Succumb To Centralization Is Unsubstantiated

With the Ethereum merge event approaching swiftly, the crypto community continues to buzz and discuss what the switch to the new consensus protocol will bring to the table. One of the biggest fears is that it will be controlled by several whales who will accumulate all the power and start changing how the network operates. … Read more

Ethereum (ETH): Can the 16% Surge Support Upside to $2.5K?

The recovery patch for cryptos isn’t a smooth road, and revival amidst dented market sentiment means more challenges. However, that doesn’t imply an impossible thing. For now, Ethereum contemplates an upside move following recent bearish actions. The price charts confirm such a narrative as they indicate massive momentum that pushed Ether towards a crucial region. … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Enthusiasts Should Watch These Zones in The Coming Weeks

Santiment’s data indicated a dramatic surge in Ethereum transaction volumes within the past 48 hours. Furthermore, the ETH network saw address experiencing losses reaching a new all-time high, a bearish move for the alt. Do these massive losses imply an impending relief rally or more pain for market players? News shows the ETH Merge will … Read more

12 May Crypto Prices: Top Tokens Drop Up to 99% amid Extended Bloodbath

No digital token traded in the green amid Thursday’s early hours. Bitcoin dropped 10%, while Ethereum noted an 18% nosedive. Meanwhile, the altcoin marketplace bled severely. The crypto market suffered today as the global economy battled multiple factors. The stablecoins’ unstable algorithmic hurt sentiment in the crypto market, whereas U.S dollar-tied tokens see ‘de-pegs,’ dragging … Read more

Dogecoin, Chainlink, FTX Token Price Analysis – May 10, 2022

Top cryptos, Bitcoin and Ethereum, failed to regain vital levels following colossal liquidations. While writing this content, BTC changed hands beyond $31K, while Ethereum trades near the $2.4K level. For now, the crypto market attempts recoveries from the latest bloodbath. The ongoing bearishness had alts such as DOGE, LINK, and FTT gravitating toward yearly/monthly lows … Read more

Ethereum (ETH): A Genuine Opportunity? Skyrocketing Gas Fees Wary Investors

Ethereum (ETH) witnesses an unmatched surge in inactivity. The blockchain has remained active, from rising traction to institutional adoption. The surging demand saw gas fees in the ETH network spiking to $2.48 billion, higher than $1.7 billion a year ago. ETH’s bullish outlook throughout 2022 led to a lucrative surge in transactions and trading volumes, … Read more

Ethereum Network Adds 50K Validators In 30 Days

The growth rate of the Ethereum network’s fundamentals has been impressive lately. The rising number of validators on the chain in the last 30 days demonstrates this growth.  700% Increase In The Number Of Ethereum Validators In 2 Years Multiple blockchain data shows that Ethereum’s technical performance has been quite impressive. There are nearly 355K … Read more

Crypto Market Bloodbath: $120M in BTC and ETH longs Liquidated in One Hour

Ethereum and Bitcoin lost more than 2.5% within the past one hour as liquidations on exchanges surpassed $120 million. The massive liquidations fueled a bearish thesis among crypto investors. Crypto analysts trust Bitcoin will lose the support of $39,000 while ETH struggles beneath the $3,000 level. BTC and ETH struggle to overcome their closest resistances … Read more

A Top Ethereum Staking Pool Plans Further Decentralization Of Its Platform

One of the Ethereum staking pools, Lido, has announced that it would lower the requirements to become a validator on its platform. Thus, enhancing the decentralization of their platform. Based on the new requirements, anyone can become a Lido validator regardless of the amount of Ethereum they have staked. Furthermore, it would enhance governance on … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis: Is The Bullishness Over Following 9% Weekly Loss?

Ethereum (ETH) is nearly ending the week on a bearish note. Bears stepped up to push the 2nd-largest crypto lower after the alt hit the $3,547 weekly peak. For now, the daily 20MA line serves as a dependable support floor, and ETH bulls struggle to keep the zone. Ethereum Daily Chart According to the 24hr … Read more

Ethereum Price Displays A Strong Bullish Resurgence

Since this week, there have been substantial cash inflows into smart contract networks, notably Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana. On-chain analytics platform, Santiment, claimed that the surging demand for decentralized solutions might be the reason for this funds inflow. Short Order Liquidation Volume Soars After ETH price surged past the $3K level, Santiment’s data feed observed … Read more