Nigeria’s Central Bank Sends A Detailed Document About CBDC Guidance To Local Banks

The Central Bank of Nigeria has released the draft of the guidelines for the operation of its central bank digital currency. The country’s central bank has forwarded the guideline containing the design and operation of the digital naira to the commercial banks in the country. Nigeria Joins Country Planning for CBDC The digital currency named … Read more

Bitcoin’s 2-Week Average Hash Rate Recovers To 129 Eh/S

Various data indicate that crypto mining firms are settling at their new locations following aggressive action on them by the Chinese authorities in May. Institutions Remain Bullish Glassnode analytics suggest that institutions might be responsible for bitcoin’s current bullish run. “Institutional investors continue to dominate transaction volumes which are impacting BTC’s price action positively,” Glassnode … Read more

Green Energy-Based Blockchain to be Tested in China

China will try a renewable electricity transaction system based on blockchain. The world’s greatest carbon dioxide producer is decarbonizing with the help of blockchain. Officials with Beijing’s highest market competent authorities have granted the go-ahead for blockchain-based renewable electricity transaction trials across China, according to the National Development and Reform Committee’s official site, which made … Read more

Cardano’s IOHK Teams Up With European Business University Of Luxemburg

IOHK (Input-Output-Hong-Kong), the development organization and a supporting mechanism at the back of Cardano (ADA), made collaboration with EBU (European-Business-University) situated in Luxemburg. The purpose of this partnership is to make several developments in the system of education in emerging countries of Africa related to its equitability, affordability, and accessibility. Cardano’s latest efforts in Africa … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency

Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency first rolled out in 2009. The creator of this concept is still a mystery, but his creation has become immensely popular among investors all over the world. It has become a popular option for trading and investment because of the benefits it brings to its trader. Some of the most common types of cryptocurrency … Read more

The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Terminologies

The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Terminologies

Are you learning the ropes in the crypto world? To understand how things work in the crypto industry, it’s important that you first have knowledge about the important crypto terminologies. Although a single blog post isn’t enough to cover them all, we’re going to talk about only a few of them. So read on to … Read more