Charles Hoskinson Voices His Concerns Over America’s Handling Of Crypto Regulations

During a recent podcast, the CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, stated his concern about the progress of financial development, saying that America could fall behind other major or minor countries if it doesn’t do something about the strict regulations applied to cryptocurrencies. Charles Hoskinson was a part of a very recent episode of the COINs … Read more

El Salvador Has Managed To Mine Its First Bitcoin Using Volcanic Energy

El Salvador president Nayib Bukele has confirmed via Twitter that the country has managed to mine some of the Bitcoin using volcanic energy. He says that the mining facility is still in its primitive stage and requires a lot of tinkering and professional insight to be able to make this endeavor a regular element. From … Read more

SEC Chair Gary Gensler Confirms He Won’t Ban Cryptocurrency

Regulating cryptocurrency has been a subject of debate since the start of the year, with the SEC adamant to enforce regulations. Chair Gary Gensler, has reiterated on numerous occasions that regulating the crypto industry is non-negotiable. However, Gensler has reportedly confirmed that neither he nor the agency has the intention to ban digital assets.  During … Read more

Two-Third Of Crypto Exchanges In South Korea Gear Up For Closure

Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency

The changes applied to the cryptocurrency regulations in South Korea have forced almost two-thirds of the country’s crypto exchanges to be scheduled for shut down soon, leaving investors with huge losses. In regards to the announcement made by South Korea’s Financial Commission, all local and international cryptocurrency exchanges have been advised to register themselves as … Read more

$1B Science Fund Seeks Blockchain Projects to Extend Human Lifespan

Longevity Science Foundation is a Swiss foundation that was instituted by a group of biotech founders, clinicians, and some leading longevity research institutions. The foundation aims to discover a technologically driven method of achieving a human lifespan of 120 years. By engaging leading clinicians, longevity researchers, and biotechnologists, the foundation aims to spend over a … Read more