Curve Finance Is Present At The Celo Platform Now

In accordance with a press release from Celo dated November 22, 2022, Curve Finance (CRV) will be implemented on the Celo Tier 1 EVM-compliant blockchain with on- and off-net access through the Wormhole Coins Bridge.  Celo and Curve both join Uniswap Curve Finance, a redistributed trading platform and automatic marketplace maker, has been positioned on … Read more

Biden’s Crypto Order: Robinhood Has No Excuse Not To List SHIB

Earlier in the year, Robinhood (the popular retail trading platform) revealed that the lack of regulatory clarity in the digital asset space has informed its decision not to add new cryptos (including SHIB) to its trading platform. The company made the announcement informally through its CFO (Jason Warnick) during his keynote address at the wall … Read more