Blackrock Still Sees Crypto As An Important Investment Asset

Many businesses seem to be letting go of the desire to earn profits using cryptocurrencies after the descent of FTX, but BlackRock (BLK. N) CEO Larry Fink accuses the insolvent FTX of “cheating”. Nevertheless, he insisted that cryptocurrency technology is still significant.  The DealBook interview In the words of the aforementioned investors, the crypto enthusiasts … Read more

Can You Earn Passive Cryptocurrency Income In A Bear Market? – A Complete Guide

A bear market is a common practice in the cryptocurrency market and everyday traders are used to it. It has been experienced for a number of times in the past and it will also happen in the future in all financial markets. The value of the assets has been depreciated by almost 70% from their … Read more

Ripple And SEC Agreement Rumors Turn Out To Be False

An agreement among Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission is not expected to be reached, according to lead Fox reporter Eleanor Terrett. Eleanor Terrett, the daughter of renowned author and producer Charlie Gasparino, said that Ripple and the SEC are attempting to settle their allegedly never-ending legal dispute. They appear to be outspoken in … Read more

Experts Share Opinion On How Crypto Has Changed The Market

A remarkable invention known as Bitcoin emerged following the 2008 global financial crisis. An unknown tech engineer named Satoshi Nakamoto wished to supply a choice to established financial systems. With the new crypto, everyone can stop worrying about how the state will regulate your finances or how banking companies will interfere with people’s monetary deals.  … Read more

Ripple Is Expected To Win The Lawsuit Very Soon

As Ripple is exchanged in a proportionate triangle shape, the XRP price prediction is still neutral, with supporting at almost half a dollar level. The U. S. state finance control body has asked for an extension until November 30, 2022, in order to provide all short responses in support of Ripple Labs. Furthermore, the SEC … Read more

Reddit NFT Avatars Value Rises Exponentially

In the previous 24 hours, Reddit’s electronic NFTs transaction volume exceeded two point five million dollars. This accounts for more than a third of the $6.3 million in total transactions the collection has seen since its inception.  The daily sales volume of Reddit NFTs also changed, dropping from its previous high of 5,383 NFTs, according … Read more

DappRadar Published A Detailed Analysis Of Crypto Market

According to a DappRadar report from October, the cryptocurrency market has recovered and now has a $1 trillion market cap.  Over one trillion dollars is invested in cryptocurrencies Despite reports that a hack during the month resulted in losses of $1 billion, Bitcoin’s marketplace capitalization enhanced up to one trillion dollars. By the middle of … Read more

Coinbase And Primer New Crypto Payment Technology

Coinbase and Primer have created a new partnership strategy to make a new standardized crypto payment system. The new system of crypto payment Coinbase with the collaboration with Primer makes it easy for merchants around the world to accept crypto payments. Coinbase, the operator of a US-listed blockchain trading platform, and Primer, the world’s leading … Read more

Spritz Finance Chooses Polygon To Pay Bills Worldwide

According to a press release dated October 11, 2022, Spritz Finance has enhanced its fee payment method by allowing customers to proceed costs in cryptocurrencies over the Polygon system. Spritz Finance is a US-based Web3 engineering system and finance undertaking that links up declarations with all conventional uses of currency, from credit card payments to … Read more

BoE Proposes Stablecoin Regulation Following Terra Crash

The UK authorities have released a detailed report of how it intends to reduce the financial stability problems related to financial settlements with cryptos. The authorities saw the need for this regulation following the UST stablecoin at the beginning of this month. Before its collapse, the UST was among the top three stablecoins globally. UK … Read more

Top Recently Added Cryptos to Consider in June 2022 

The crypto market suffers a bloodbath, with most tokens displaying ugly performances during May’s sessions. However, there’re a few exceptions. Furthermore, the marketplace saw new coins arriving. Let us check the top recently added cryptos to consider in June this year.  As a rule of the game, research whenever considering crypto investments. Digital tokens are … Read more

Celsius Network Partly Caused UST’s Collapse: Nansen

UST’s demise sent tremors through the cryptocurrency world. And according to researcher Nansen, they can’t trace it back to a single perpetrator. Rather, they discovered the trades of a limited number of traders, one of whom was the Celsius Network. There were expectations for UST to preserve its USD-peg. By using algorithms and trade rewards. … Read more

Huobi Buys Bitex to Expand Latin America Presence

Huobi has revealed the purchase Bitex, one of the prominent exchange platforms in Latin America. Huobi disclosed the deal was concluded on Thursday, but the final details of the transactions remain unknown.  Huobi Group executive Jeffrey Ma says the acquisition is part of the firm’s objectives to continue its expansion plans. Venturing into the Latino … Read more

Authorities Need To Prioritize Crypto Regulation And Education – IMF Chair

Earlier this month, the Terra network crash resulted in an intense sell-off in the crypto market. Analysts estimate that the crypto market cap dipped by nearly $500B following the crash. All digital assets are still well off their ATHs. The Leading digital asset, BTC, continues to trade at sub-$30K levels. After the network crash, the … Read more

Two Top South Korean Exchanges Raise Concerns Over The Latest Litecoin Upgrade

Two top South Korean exchanges (Bithumb and Upbit) have issued investment warnings over Litecoin’s recent upgrade. It is noteworthy that the exchanges issued their warnings separately. Litecoin’s New Upgrade Might Contradict FATF Policy The English translation of Bithumb’s notice reads, “the Mimblewimble extension blocks (MWEB) enhances Litecoin network’s scalability. However, the developers also included a … Read more