PayBack Ltd Review – Should You Trust This Recovery Agency?

PayBack Ltd Review Individuals have lately turned to online trading to earn extra cash. Moreover, some have taken the opportunity to work as full-time investors. However, fraudulent activities seem to flourish due to the crypto market’s anonymity. You might have heard about individuals losing massive cash while hunting too-good-to-be-true money-making deals. Fraudsters use sophisticated tricks … Read more

Binance Successfully Retreives Stolen Funds From Axie Infinity Exploit

On Friday, the developers from Axie Infinity can now have fresh air because the leading crypto exchange across the globe, Binance, disclosed its recovery of a few of the funds swindled in the Axie Infinity exploit, making the victims hopeful for the future. Leading exchange restores funds from Axie exploit Changpeng Zhao (the CEO of … Read more

CISA And FBI Issues An Advisory On North Korean State-Sponsored Activity Targeting Crypto

The CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) have released a warning on North Korea-based state-backed cyber threats aiming at blockchain firms in reaction to the Ronin Bridge exploitation that occurred in the previous month. The warning was released this Monday in collaboration with the Treasury Department as well as … Read more

Trezor Starts Investigating A Data Breach After Customers Reported Phishing Attacks

Trezor – a provider of crypto-based hardware wallets – has started examining a potential data infringement that may include the email addresses as well as the other private information of the consumers. Recently, many customers belonging to the community of Crypto Twitter cautioned regarding a unique email phishing movement particularly aimed at the clients of … Read more

Scammers Create Female ‘Elon Musk’ Tokens

Apart from being the wealthiest person on earth right now, Elon Musk has considerably influenced the crypto market. However, scammers have crypto tokens that exemplify the female version of the Tesla CEO, named ‘Elona Musk.’. As of this writing, more than 30 of such tokens are now available, with about half of them being honeypots. … Read more

Crypto Bomb Fired At US: North Korea Openly Calls the United States the King Of Thefts

North Korea is a country that always remains in the headlines, not just because of the continuous experimentation of ballistic missiles – due to which the United States and the allies thereof feel irritated – but also due to its enthusiasm for being accused of stealing the crypto from the other countries. North Korea alleged … Read more

Chinese Police Infiltrate Massive Crypto Ponzi Scheme

The Chinese government hasn’t stopped its pursuit of eradicating crypto scams in the South Asian nation. Today, its law enforcement agents successfully penetrated a massive crypto Ponzi scheme, making several arrests and seizing several assets (physical and digital). A Popular Pyramid Scheme Is A Crypto Scam A Local news agency, Xinhua News, reported that the … Read more

How to Avoid Bitcoin Investment Scams

How to Avoid Bitcoin Investment Scams

One of the main reasons why people invest in Bitcoin is to get a good return on their investments. They try to register with reliable crypto trading platforms on the internet and start trading in hope of better profits. However, one needs to be smart to avoid scammers. Not all crypto trading websites on the … Read more