Stripe to Allow Its Users to Order Payouts in Cryptocurrencies

One of the biggest cases in favor of adoption is the ability to use crypto to pay for services and goods. While it is a long way before many local businesses and entrepreneurs are interested in using cryptocurrencies, the arrival of some bigger names to the party could speed up the process of adoption. One … Read more

BoE Proposes Stablecoin Regulation Following Terra Crash

The UK authorities have released a detailed report of how it intends to reduce the financial stability problems related to financial settlements with cryptos. The authorities saw the need for this regulation following the UST stablecoin at the beginning of this month. Before its collapse, the UST was among the top three stablecoins globally. UK … Read more

Influential Personalities Plan To Support The Zelensky NFT Project

The Zelensky NFT project is a new digital art collection soon to be available to the public. According to the announcement, this project’s primary objective is to assist Ukrainians through local communities. Details About The Zelensky NFT Project Many famous and influential persons have made a promise that they will support this project. Most of … Read more

21Shares Launches Two Crypto Index Funds For The US Market

On Wednesday, the biggest issuers of crypto ETPs globally, 21Shares, entered the US crypto market space by launching two crypto index funds. Thus, eligible investors can gain investment exposure to digital assets regardless of whether they are large or medium-cap-sized digital assets. Details About The New Index Funds The newly launched index funds will monitor … Read more

Users’ Requests Force Wikipedia To Stop Accepting Crypto Donations

After accepting crypto donations for nearly a decade, Wikipedia has halted crypto donations following discontent by the Wikipedia community. The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), the NGO that runs the popular internet encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has been embroiled in various discussions with its community members over the decision to keep accepting crypto donations. Discussions Have Been Ongoing Since … Read more

Grayscale Seeks Expansion Into Euro Crypto Market, Meets Local Partners

A recent Bloomberg report has revealed that Grayscale Investments seeks to start offering its services to the wider European crypto market. According to the firm’s CEO, Michael Sonnenshein, Grayscale has already started discussing with local partners. Grayscale Already Has A Detailed Plan For Entering Europe’s Crypto Space – Grayscale CEO However, Sonnenshein refused to reveal … Read more

Top Bahama-Based Bank Launches Crypto Services With Chainalysis

Top on-chain data analytics firm, Chainalysis, has completed an agreement with one of the leading lending banks in the Bahamas (Capital Union Bank) for the latter to launch its virtual asset services. The new partnership is one of the direct benefits of the nation’s adoption of crypto-friendly policies. Industry analysts opine that this partnership will … Read more

Mexico’s Apex Bank Develops A 3-Year Plan For The Launch Of Digital Pesos

Mexico’s apex bank (the Banxico) has revealed that it plans to launch the digital Pesos within the next three years. While speaking at a senate hearing, the bank’s chief, Victoria Rodriguez Ceja, disclosed that the 3-year period would give the bank the appropriate time to ensure that the national digital currency completes the three money … Read more

Russia To Criminalize Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet Holders

A group supposedly representing the interest of Russian banks has proposed a crypto-related bill to Russian authorities. The group wants the Russian government to make it a criminal offense for anyone to own private crypto wallets. Even though the financial regulators are set to discuss the idea, industry analysts opine that it is nearly impossible … Read more

Argentine Crypto Traders Discover Ways To Make Bank With P2P Markets

Per multiple local news outlets, many Argentines have discovered that they can earn more money through P2P arbitrage and leveraging on exchanges and the market conditions. One of Binance Argentina’s top-level executives, Maximiliano Hinz, revealed a 45% increase in the company’s P2P operations within the past 30 days. Argentines’ New Gold Rush Argentines have discovered … Read more

BitsCrunch Partners MasterCard to Reduce Cryptocurrency Entry Barriers

BitsCrunch, a startup that focuses on the non-fungible token blockchain, recently declared that it would soon be working with MasterCard, one of the most popular payment service providers. Intended to be nurtured under MasterCard’s Start Path program, a global startup business participation initiative to assist companies in scaling, MasterCard and bitsCrunch want to empower users … Read more

Meta Wants To Create A New Digital Currency After Diem’s Failure

Despite failing to launch its cryptocurrency, Meta reveals it hasn’t given up on launching crypto lending services and virtual tokens. Per a financial times report, Meta plans to increase its revenue income by owning a digital asset that some insiders have called ‘Zuck Bucks.’  A Change To Suit Metaverse-Related Services  However, the report clarified that … Read more

American Insurance Firm Uses Blockchain Tech To Provide Insurance For African Farmers

A US-based insurance firm plans on combining blockchain tech with crypto to provide adequate insurance for subsistence farmers globally, especially African farmers.  Highlights Of The DAO Terms Through its Lemonade crypto climate coalition (an autonomous DAO), the Lemonade foundation plans to provide subsistence farmers with low-cost insurance. The insurance partner (parametric insurance) will give insurance … Read more

Venezuela’s Top Crypto Regulator Announces New Improvements To Its Wallet

The top crypto regulator in Venezuela, Sunacrip, has announced a revamp of its wallet (the Petroapp wallet), allowing users to access new features, including the governance token (PTR). Part of the new features are ways users can exchange the PTR for other cryptos, some sets of gift cards, and a variety of payment options. The … Read more

Top Crypto Exchange And ETP Issuer Collaborate For A Solana Offering

Top crypto exchange (FTX) and the largest ETP issuer in Europe (Coinshares) are forming a partnership to launch a Solana ETP. The first product to be launched under this partnership is the physically staked Solana ETP due for listing on Xetra (a German-based finance marketplace). Coinshares will provide tech support through its Galata technology, while … Read more

New Tax Policy Will Stunt Crypto Market Growth – WazirX Founder

Less than seven days to implement the updated tax laws, confusion reigns over India’s crypto tax policies. A parliamentary addendum to questions regarding the crypto tax policy states that crypto traders can’t compensate for losses on one digital asset by making a profit from another one. With the updated policy set to become effective by … Read more

Russia’s Apex Bank Grants Sberbank Digital Asset Operating License

Russia’s apex bank has approved Sberbank (the nation’s top lender) to start providing digital assets services. The move became necessary after EU and US sanctions had strongly devalued Russia’s fiat currency earlier this month. The Operational License Becomes Effective Immediately Sberbank released an official statement confirming the notice saying, “we are among the financial service … Read more

Russia’s Ukraine Invasion Will Be Launched As NFTs – Ukraine Deputy Minister

Despite no end in sight in the war between Russia and Ukraine, the latter’s deputy minister for digital transformation has revealed that Ukraine is already planning to release some moments from the war in the form of digital collectibles. That’s why the country is already making requests to fund its war with Russia through NFTs. … Read more

Cardano Blockchain Makes Giant Strides In DeFi As TVL Surges To New Peaks

Since January 2022, TVL on the Cardano blockchain has displayed a remarkable increase. Recent data by DeFi Llama (a top DeFi TVL analytics firm) showed that the TVL on the network’s DeFi protocols had reached new heights of nearly $190m today, breaking the previous peak record. There Is More To Come – Hoskinson When staked … Read more