India Will Begin A Retail CBDC Pilot

In December, the main bank in India will begin testing retail CBDC. The goal of the digital rupee is to enhance rather than replace the existing payment infrastructure. The RBI is getting ready to launch the selling of the new project of creating electronic rupee, after testing the wholesale use of its central bank digital … Read more

New Crypto-Regulations Follow The FTX Collapse

FTX, a bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange, disclosed in its official bankruptcy filing on Tuesday. It had undergone a “major liquidation” as regulators opened an investigation and demanded that rules for the troubled sector be put in place more quickly. According to paperwork submitted by FTX in a US insolvency judiciary, FTX has contacted finance controls and … Read more

The Israel State Authorities Are Absolutely Pro-Crypto

To spread out the reach of cryptocurrencies in the Israeli economy, the Capital Stock Exchange (TASE) has announced a brand-new strategical program to create a new digital asset platform for the year 2023-2027. According to it, the government is going to facilitate the adoption of advanced engineerings such as NFTs, tokenization of different electronic assets, … Read more

Central Bank Of Nigeria Moves Ahead To Upgrade Its CBDC

The CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) is stepping further with its strategy for making advancements into its CBDC (central bank digital currency) to be utilized for a vast series of services and products. It is additionally sustaining its strict crypto limitations due to which the fintech sector of the country is being crippled. Bariboloka Koyor, … Read more

Citizens Of Three Major Cities In China Start Using Digital Yuan To Pay Taxes And Charges

People from the three prominent cities of China have started recompensing for social security, stamp duty, as well as taxes with the utilization of the CBDC (central bank digital currency) of the country, the e-CNY (digital yuan). As per a native new report, several government organizations across Zhejiang province (situated in Shanghai’s south) are at … Read more

Eurosystem And ECB Start Digital Euro Customer Interface’s Experimental Prototyping

The digital euro’s development will continue as the Eurosystem and ECB (European Central Bank) have started pursuing firms to take part in a project for the prototyping of payments services for consumers. the providers of payment services, banks, as well as the rest of the relevant firms were requested to speak their interest in the … Read more

Mexico’s Apex Bank Develops A 3-Year Plan For The Launch Of Digital Pesos

Mexico’s apex bank (the Banxico) has revealed that it plans to launch the digital Pesos within the next three years. While speaking at a senate hearing, the bank’s chief, Victoria Rodriguez Ceja, disclosed that the 3-year period would give the bank the appropriate time to ensure that the national digital currency completes the three money … Read more

Central Bank Of Jamaica Is Airdropping To The First One Hundred Citizens Of CBDC

In an endeavor to provide the country’s citizens with awareness regarding the utilization of crypto, the Jamaican authorities are planning to airdrop nearly $16 (2500 local dollars) to the initial 10,000 residents starting their CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) wallets after the 1st of April. CBDC and JAM-DEX (Jamaica Digital Exchange) This week, while pronouncing … Read more

PBoC Governor Discusses Latest Developments About Country’s CBDC

In an online video session conducted by the Bank of Finland Institute for Emerging Economies on its 30th Anniversary Conference, Gang Yi (the Governor of People’s Bank of China) discussed the latest developments about the CBDC (central bank digital currency) of the country, called e-CNY (digital yuan). He particularly talked about the matter of privacy … Read more

Poll Finds 27% Americans In Support of Adopting Bitcoin as a Legal Tender

YouGov poll has revealed that 27% of Americans support the idea of adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender. The new poll further revealed that 11% of the Americans voiced more solid support for Bitcoin’s use as a legal tender in the country, while the remaining 16% were indifferent. If adopted, it would mean that businesses … Read more